Local February 19, 2014 | 8:47 am

No media in hearing for Colombian brothers charged with drug trafficking

Santo Domingo.- A National District Instruction Court on Tuesday set the next pre-trial hearing for April 4 in the case against the Colombian brothers Huber Oswaldo Buitrago Ruiz and Angel Maria Buitrago Vacca and others charged with drug trafficking, money laundering, ID forgery, and illegal weapons.

In the hearing held without the media, judge Patricia Padilla’s ruling instructs the Office the Prosecutor to notify the 22 co-defendants on the evidence against them.

The Anti-money laundering prosecutor affirms that the authorities seized more than US$2.0 million in properties and more than US$1.0 million in cash from the group.

The prosecution says the defendants had also owned seven farms, a villa, several apartments in the capital and Santiago, as well as more than 20 vehicles.

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