Local February 19, 2014 | 11:58 am

Xstrata Nickel flap: Prominent group wants mining chief fired

Santo Domingo.- One of Dominican Republic’s most prominentcivil society organizations on Wednesday called for the immediate resignationor dismissal of Mining Agency director Alexander Medina, describing him as asort of "Trojan Horse" and an enemy of the Dominican people for his allegeddefense of corporate, purely foreign interests and above the collective interest,for openy promoting Loma Miranda’s exploitation.

The Justice and Transparency Foundation (FJT) presidentTrajano Potentini said they firmly support those who want to preserve LomaMiranda as a protected area, to avert the destruction in days or months, of a habitatwhich took nature thousands of years build.

He said the world’s current mining industry, evenin developed countries, leaves “nefarious and criminal damages” with largescale surface and groundwater pollution, leeched acid from rocks, massivedeforestation, greenhouse gas emission, climatic change and destruction ofhabitats, which took nature thousands of years to build.

"The Justice and Transparency Foundationdemands respect for Loma Miranda’s territorial integrity, using the legalpaths, including the filing for an injunction in the coming days, to ensurethat Loma Miranda won’t be exploited and its conversion by law into protectedarea," said the FJT in a statement.

On Monday Medina publicly called to allowXstrata Nickel Falcondo to mine the controversial site, despite a bill todeclare it a national park, passed by the Chamber of Deputies and pending inthe Senate.

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