Local February 26, 2014 | 10:43 am

Manhunt for officials ‘embezzled’ RD$100.0 million(Update)

San Francisco, Dominican Republic.- Police agents, soldiers and Justice Ministry officials have unleashes a manhunt for the Mayor, the Treasurer and the former City Council payroll manager, all charged with embezzling more than RD$100.0 million.

Arrest warrants in hand, the contingent arrived at the residence of Mayor Félix Manuel Rodríguez at La Cruz St., but were told that the official is in United States, after earlier reports that he’s on a cruise.

They then went to the house of the Treasurer Fior Daliza Genao, but didn’t find her, the same with former City Hall payroll manager Jerson Lizardo Pérez.

The three, charged with embezzling, forgery, breach of trust and conspiracy, were indicted after civil society groups blew the whistle on City Hall’s “shenanigans,” and demanded the confiscation of their properties.

Local media report that Rodríguez was willing to return to the country in the next few hours to turn him in, while Genao was headed to Santo Domingo to surrender to Justice minister Francisco Dominguez early Wednesday.

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