Local February 28, 2014 | 11:58 am

Environmentalist says Medina ‘chickend out’ on contested mine

Bonao, Dominican Republic.- Environmentalist Rafael Jiménez Abad on Friday slammed president Danilo Medina’s failure to mention the controversy unleashed by Xstrata Nickel Falcondo’s planned mine at Loma Miranda (central), in his speech State of the Nation speech Thursday.

Jimenez called Medina’s omission cowardly and evasive, by choosing instead, “to keep the country in suspense regarding Loma Miranda.”

"Danilo Medina’s action was evasive, cowardly. Society was waiting for him to decide either way (declare it a National Park or not). He has preferred to keep us in suspense, in a situation of uncertainty," Jimenez said, quoted by hoy.dom.do.

The environmentalist, who takes part in the march that set off Thursday from Loma Miranda to the National Palace to reject the planned mine, warned that Xstrata Nickel aims to send bulldozers to the site.

"Loma Miranda will be exploited if the Government is willing to see bloodshed in the area. We will defend this natural resource whatever it takes and whatever happens."


Wide sectors of society expected Medina to mention the controversial mine with the same energy as his previous State of the Nation speech, when he took on Barrick Gold last year.

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