Local February 28, 2014 | 8:14 am

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Medina announces five major projects to start this year

Government.- President Danilo Medina’s groundbreaking for the dam at Monte Grande (south) on February 13 spearheads the five major infrastructure projects cited in his State of the Nation speech on Thursday, financed with a loans approved by the Senate last year.

He said the San Juan-Santiago and the Navarrete-Puerto Plata highways; Juan Bosch City, the Monte Grande dam and Santo Domingo’s subway second line will all start this year.

Medina’s announcement came during his speech before both houses of Congress Thursday, when he also cited some of the numerous major works inaugurated last year, including the Eastern Tourist Boulevard and the La Romana and the San Pedro beltways.

He mentioned Santiago’s recently concluded beltway, and said 19 roads eight bridges and the Azua and Bani beltways will start in 2014.

Medina said Juan Bosch City, in Santo Domingo East and next to the Las Americas highway, will be a public-private project with 25,000 low-cost homes, to be built with funds provided under the Trust Law.

He said the project will begin in April, and will cost RD$2.0 billion, built on 3 million square meters.

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