Local March 4, 2014 | 11:35 am

Federal raids net 3 Dominican ‘gang leaders’ in NYC

New York.- Three Dominicans cited as leaders of as many gangs figure among the 280 members arrested by federal agents in raids targeting dangerous and violent street criminals in the city.

Investigators say the Dominicans Jesus Perez (The Bambino Juice), Shawn de Leon and Joshua Colón are gang leaders who used social networks to upload photos and videos showing piles of money, luxury cars and expensive watches and drinking fine liquors.

Authorities said the 280 suspected gang members were charged with staging brawls with guns, drug trafficking and other felonies in Morrisania in the Bronx with other ringleaders

They face eight charges each and include members gangs ‘Dub City’, ‘Aerogemeradores’ and ‘6 Wild’.

The Feds said the arrests resulted from a probe of street gang activities began in 2011 and among the felonies figure murders, shootings, weapons smuggling and drug trafficking throughout the Bronx.

In a statement New York Police commissioner William Bratton said that numerous police searches and raids were conducted within the "Operation Military Court Martial."

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