Local March 6, 2014 | 8:09 am

Full-day schools revolutionize education, but teachers lack skills

Santo Domingo.- The principals and teachers of full-day schools use several strategies to keep students busy from until 4pm, because it’s during the hours after lunch when the new schedule’s weaknesses come to light.

The educators’ lack of skills and knowledge in extracurricular areas is the main difficulty, as teachers continue with normal subjects until 4pm, leaving students "exploded" at day’s end.

It’s precisely that lack of teachers which keeps some schools from fully integrating the extended schedule, aimed at improving learning by adding more hours and extracurricular activities leading to better-rounded students.

The new expanded curriculum model has revolutionized Dominican Republic’s education, with activities ranging from arts, crafts, painting, beauty, self defense, choir, music and computer sciences, among others.

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