Local March 17, 2014 | 10:53 am

Agents bust ring used forged papers to reach Holland

Santo Domingo.- National Investigations Dept. (DNI) director Maximo W. Muñoz on Sunday announced the bust of a ring that used travel documents using Foreign minister Carlos Morales’ forged signature.

Muñoz said the network used an NGO headed by Reynaldo Sánchez Hernandez, charged as the network’s ringleader.

He revealed that the ring asked the Embassy of Holland for a visa to allegedly attend a meeting at the Hague in February, but when certain irregularities in the letter were noticed, Netherland officials requested verification from the Dominican Foreign Ministry.

He said they arrested Handriel Rafael Fermín Guerrero, Ivette Marie Diaz Brito, Nelson Antonio Pimentel Melo, Jehermi Alfonso Bautista Santana and Reyna Milagros Mejía Reyes, alleged gang members under the name of an NGO.

The official said agents confiscated numerous high- tech equipment and several documents in a raid at Sanchez Hernandez’s residence in the Las Cañitas sector.

Muñoz said Spain and not Holland was the final destination of the people provided with the forged documents , once their visa was approved, for which they allegedly paid Sanchez would receive for RD$250,000 each, adding that the suspect managed to send several Dominicans abroad.

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