Local March 17, 2014 | 10:28 am

One hurt in mall shootout is urban singer’s latest bout with the law

Santo Domingo. – One man hit by a bullet amid a shootout at a Santiago mall allegedly started by Peter de la Rosa (Omega) is the popular urban singer’s latest bout with the law.

Félix Antonio Rumaldo, 25, was hit by a bullet in the right leg Sunday afternoon, before dozens of shoppers at Plaza Colina Mall.

Damian Arias, Police spokesman in Santiago said Omega fled in a SUV escorted by several armed men.

Witnesses say when Omega arrived, a fan asked him to take a picture with him, but the artist refused saying he was shopping.

And when the young man insisted, Omega, apparently upset, pushed the fan violently, prompting action from mall security agents, who were allegedly assaulted by the artist’s escort and the ensuing shooting.

Just in the last three years de la Rosa has been charged with domestic violence at least four times.

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