Local March 21, 2014 | 8:18 am

Dominican Republic subversive group would target ‘corrupt’ mayor

San Francisco, Dominican Republic.- The allegedly subversive group Popular Duartian Resistance on Thursday took responsibility for the hail of bullets fired at the City Council building to demand the ouster of mayor Félix Rodríguez Grullón within 10 days, otherwise will be declared a "military target."

The unprecedented warning drew the National Police’s immediate response when it revealed that several intelligence and law enforcement agencies investigate the “clandestine organization.”

The group, which issued a statement signed by “Commander Edgar Antonio Reyes Cruz,” said it prefers methods peaceful to satisfy their demands, but the judicial system “ineffectiveness” forces it to take that type of action once again.

City Hall was attacked with gunfire early Wednesday after which investigators found shells from M-16 and FAL rifles.

The group assumed responsibility for the attack and called regrettable that in its view, the exercise of power has a history full of corruption and looting by the various parties.

It said presidents, generals, ministers, mayors and lawmakers have looted State coffers, making corruption one of the worst evils the nation suffers. "How many lives could’ve been saved with the stolen money, how many hospitals would’ve counted with medicines or how many diagnostics centers could be built?"

Chief of police

The National Police yesterday acknowledged that the group had sent a statement claiming the attack.

"We have clues about this organization, which has committed other criminal acts in the past, such as sabotage of electricity towers and power lines and other attacks," said police spokesman Jacobo Mateo, who warned the group that it will be pursued and caught.

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