Local March 21, 2014 | 2:35 pm

Venezuelan-Dominican mogul: Cease the persecution, lack of trust

Santo Domingo.- "If we want to find reconciliation, it’s essential to cease the persecution as well as an independent and transparent investigation into the deaths occurred and existing complaints about human rights violations during the protests," wrote Venezuela mogul Gustavo Cisneros Thursday, just four days after pledging allegiance to the Dominican Republic

In an Op-Ed for Spain outlet El Pais, the CEO of the Cisneros media empire stated concern over his country’s turmoil, noting that "with rising violence, Venezuela’s situation has reached an untenable point of which we cannot be ignore."

"Just as what’s been constant in Latin America’s great transformation, Venezuela’s youth have been the first to raise their hand, showing the spirit of our homeland to the world: forging on, determined, brave, who will not bow," said the media mogul, who’s building a US$2.0 billion tourism and residential complex at Miches, in the country’s eastern region.

"Regrettably, the intolerance and lack of trust today, as well as the willingness for confrontation evident in our streets appear to reign in the country.”

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