Local March 27, 2014 | 7:19 am

Fateful day for Xstrata Nickel’s Dominican Republic mine

Santo Domingo.- The Special Senate Commission that studies the bill that would create Loma Miranda National Park will tour the area Thursday, for an onsite inspection which could make or break Xstrata Nickel’s planned mine in the controversial hill set in Dominican Republic’s pristine Central Mountains.

Senate Commission chair Rafael Calderón didn’t specify the time for the tour, but noted that all its members would travel to La Vega province Thursday morning.

He said they’ve asked the Environment Ministry and the Presidency’s Legal Adviser for their opinion on the initiative, because the Commissioners not have yet to establish a concrete opinion on the issue due to in his view, the contradictory information thus far.

Calderon noted that Environment minister Bautista Rojas has stated publicly that Loma Miranda cannot be mined but hasn’t referred to the initiative aimed at creating a national park.

The legislator for Azua province has voiced support for Xstrata Nickel’s mining project, despite growing opposition from groups as diverse as leftists organizations and the powerful Catholic Church.

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