Local March 31, 2014 | 8:10 am

Alleged dealer mixed charity with bribes

San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic.- Cristian Pozo Mojica (El Matatan) is part of a family of which several brothers have unfinished business with justice: one is in prison and another is at large.

But locals quoted by eldia.com.do say that Pozo Mojica, who prosecutors call San Cristobal’s top drug dealer, is a generous man especially for those in need.

Despite being an alleged capo within the world of "mini-narcos," many locals of the barrio Las Flores, San Cristobal, described him as a "very quiet" individual, but bluntly “quite the rascal” by others.

They say he hosted a Mother’s Day celebration for the neighborhood’s women and if someone needed any help, there he was, in a generous style not usual in drug traffickers, which earned the affection and loyalty among the inhabitants of the slum where he based his business.

Upon seeing reporters Some boys in the area defend "El Matatan" and as if it a feat one of them says proudly: "I washed his SUV since he arrived and he pays me for that. What they are doing is an injustice."

The business called "Pozo Mojica" or "El Matatan de la fria" (cold beer) were closed yesterday.

"El Matatan" 38, reached only the eighth grade but has amassed such a fortune that just in the seized properties reach RD$40 million thus far.

One of his oldest neighbors remembers with "El Matatan" sold rice out of a small van, but then allegedly started the illegal business, but the ensuing confrontations with police prompted him to pay them off as well as other local authorities.

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