Local March 31, 2014 | 8:47 am

Nearly RD$4.0B ready for tenders of school breakfast

Santo Domingo.- The Education Ministry will start a call for tenders for the school breakfast during the 2014-2015 school year at a cost of nearly RD$4.0 billion.

National Student Welfare Institute (INABIE) René Jáquez said the first part of tender are for crackers and bread, which will cost more than RD$1.2 billion.

He said juice and milk will cost more than RD$2.0 billion, while some RD$610,000 will buy shoes, pants, shirts and socks.

He explained that eight points across the country, of which three are in the National District, where bidders or companies who want to participate and which comply with the specifications of demand may submit their proposals have been set for the bidding process.

Jaquez noted that 20 percent of the money correspond to SMEs by law, and the remaining 80 percent will be for bigger companies.

The official said 22 lots are available for larger companies in Azua, 10 in the National District, 30 in La Vega, 30 in Santiago, 18 in San Cristobal, 17 in San Pedro, and 44 in Santo Domingo province, adding that those very places will be used to receive the offers.

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