Local April 1, 2014 | 3:36 pm

Drought chokes Dominican capital’s water by 75M gallons-day

Santo Domingo.- The seasonal drought that has hobbled the flow of water from the various sources has cut the supply by 75 million gallons per day, from 400 to 325 million gallons daily.

Aqueduct utility (CAASD) director Alejandro Montas on Tuesday said more than 20 tankers making as many as four trips daily will deliver 500,000 gallons to help the sectors of Santo Domingo West, the most hurt by the shortage.

He said Greater Santo Domingo’s drinking water supply has remained normal because the drought hasn’t seveery affected the aqueduct at Valdesia (San Cristobal) and the Ozama River. He urged the population not to waste water since the drought continues to reduce the flow from the Haina, Isa Mana and Duey rivers.

“The utility is doing all humanly possible to secure the water supply,” Montas said, and predicts the supply will improve for Greater Santo Domingo by mid April.

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