Local April 2, 2014 | 11:17 am

Penal Code a ‘fortress’ for corrupt Dominican officials

Santo Domingo.- Minority opposition Al-Pais party president Guillermo Moreno on Wednesday railed against an amendment to the Penal Code which denies a plaintiff’s right to file corruption charges against government officials and makes it a "secure fortress of impunity."

He said lawmakers have "legalized corruption of the little barrel and the chest," in reference to the slush fund handled by deputies and senators respectively.

"By deleting article 85 the PLD (ruling party) flexes its muscles but at the same time reveals its weakness. The corrupt PLD has public powers and high courts, but they don’t have the citizens favor, that’s why they have to silence it at all cost. The PLD’s corrupt leadership believes that by plucking their eyes it will keep the Sun from shining," Moreno said on Twitter.

The political leader said article 85 of the Penal Code gave citizens a voice to defend taxpayers’ money but its removal pushes prosecutors against the wall. "The Penal Code has become a secure fortress of impunity which the PLD’s leadership has built to avert being attacked."

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