Local April 3, 2014 | 1:12 pm

Local media ‘harassed’ by Marc Anthony’s guards

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s social journalists grouped in Acroarte on Thursday railed against salsa star Marc Anthony, for his bodyguards’ alleged abuse of reporters covering the opening of an orphanage he built in La Romana.

Local media also report that the singer’s security guards mistreated vice president Margarita Cedeño and Senate president Reynaldo Pared.

In what media call many protocol failures, Anthony’s bodyguards staged several incidents affecting Cedeño and Pared in the event.

In a statement, Acroarte affirms that local journalists and photojournalists complained that they were barred from covering Anthony’s ribbon cutting with the children, while the foreign press was allowed to pass. "It was clearly noticeable that the foreign press was given better treatment while the Dominican press was harassed by the security deployed there for the inaugural."

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