Local April 7, 2014 | 10:29 am

‘Operation’ impounds tanker truck, 100 bikes on overpasses

Santo Domingo.- In what has become a periodic “operation” conducted every three or four months, the Metropolitan Transit Authority (AMET) impounded a fuel tanker and around 100 motorcycles whose drivers caught using the various overpass and underpasses across the capital, and were slapped with traffic tickets.

"Let it be known that his shows that we won’t tolerate irresponsible motorists causing disorder on our public roads," warned AMET director Juan Gerónimo Brown.

All impounded vehicles were taken to the El Coco greyhound track.

He said throughout the weekend AMET agents on motorcycles awaited at the exits of all the various tunnels and overpasses to halt drivers of buses, trucks and motorcycles from using them. “The measure will be in effect until drivers understand that they cannot be used by those types of vehicles."

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