Local April 12, 2014 | 10:30 am

Water crisis affects Santo Domingo East residents

Santo Domingo.– Residents of Villa Duarte and Alma Rosa II sectors, in Santo Domingo East, reported they have not received the water service in the last days, so they have had to pay for water from trucks and vendors of bottles in order to continue with their daily activities.

Santo Domingo water utility (CAASD) director Alejandro Montas on 9 April called the aqueducts’ piped water production "alarming, disturbing and extreme" as result of the drought, and announced 20% lower supply to more than 40 sectors of Greater Santo Domingo.

The CAASD found low levels of water at the Haina-Manoguayabo, Duey and Isa-Mana aqueducts, which has cut the supply by 80 million gallons per day, from 400 to 320 million gallons daily.

The sectors most affected by the water deficit are in the municipalities Los Alcarrizos, Pedro Brand, Santo Domingo West and Pantoja. Nearly 40 sectors across the Greater Santo Domingo will be affected as well.

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