Local April 21, 2014 | 10:18 am

Dominican Air Force radar targets busy SW drug ‘gate’

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s Air Force on Monday announced the deployment of a mobile radar station at Pedernales (southwest) to detect the entry drug of trafficking aircraft and other smugglers into the country’s airspace.

Air Force commander Ramón Hernandez said once the installation of the "C3" radar site is finished, others with longer reach will also be deployed in the National District, San Cristóbal, the East region, in addition to Pedernales.

Quoted by local media, the official said the fixed radar stations would give the country greater control over its airspace.

He said the Air Force’s continued surveillance of Dominican Republic’s airspace has kept the country free of radar blips from drug-laden planes, many of which use the isolated southwestern route many call a South American narcotics “gate.”

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