Local April 23, 2014 | 4:40 pm

Haitians flee town after ‘disgraceful’ act with Dominican flag

Santo Domingo.- In the heels of the uproar over the desecration of the Dominican flag during a voodoo dance last Friday, many Haitians have opted to leave the town of San Victor, Moca (north), to avoid arrest since Tuesday afternoon

Espaillat province prosecutor José Aníbal Carela announced an investigation to determine which of the foreigners took part in the felony during a voodoo (ga-ga) ritual in a busy street corner of the town.

The prosecutor called the action Friday afternoon "a disgraceful act" by the group in San Victor’s "hot corner," where around 20 Haitians gathered with drums, sang and danced, and one of them put the Dominican flag on the ground and after covering it with sticks in the shape of a cross, proceeding to dance around it for nearly one minute, as the group laughed and drank liquor.

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