Local April 23, 2014 | 9:02 am

“Sweet beans” push lawmakers deeper into scandal

Santo Domingo.- Just when Dominicans thought their lawmakers couldn’t fall any deeper into the quagmire of scandal after the Senate’s “little coffer” and the Deputies “little barrel” slush funds, a report by diariolibre.com reveals that the Lower Chamber’s 190 members received as much as RD$100.0 million to ensure the traditional Easter dish, “habichuela con dulce” (sweetened beans).

Although most of the deputies interviewed by the news source didn’t want their names used, some admitted to having received RD$75,000, others RD$50,000 and still others RD$80,000 and RD$100,000.

A deputy of the opposition PRD party revealed that they were given between RD$80,000 and RD$100,000 and said the money wasn’t enough to give their constituents their “sweet beans,” with as much as RD$2,000 doled out per person. “I’ve even made enemies because of this, because people believe that one has money."

He added that he distributed the money among 40 people.

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