Local April 24, 2014 | 7:45 am

Former president slams bitter rival for wooing his daughter

Santo Domingo.- Former president Hipolito Mejia on Wednesday scored sweet revenge against bitter rival Miguel Vargas, who on Tuesday said it "wouldn’t displease me to share the (presidential) ticket with Mejia’s daughter."

Mejia said he’s been quite clear that he won’t support anything that doesn’t come from the rank-and-file of Dominican Republic’s opposition PRD party. "I don’t take my family in jest, my family is neither loaned nor for sale. We’re out of everything that relates to business."

Visibly peeved, the former president asked not to involve his children in politics and “much less with people de doesn’t trust.”

Interviewed on Z1101-FM, the opposition leader again asked "don’t involve me or my family because my position is clear.”

He said he won’t be defeated with media politics and clarified that his only commitment is to a coalition of minority parties because he "isn’t open to pettiness."

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