Local April 29, 2014 | 8:11 am

Antinarcotics’ work formidable: UK ambassador

Santo Domingo.- British ambassador Steven Fisher on Monday called the work by the National Drugs Control Agency (DNCD) "formidable" with timely and permanent confiscation of drug shipments and dismantling international crime networks, which in his view have stunned the South American cartels’ operations iin his country and other European nations.

"We’ve recently had constant and successful seizures of drugs that were headed to London and other nations of Europe with the joint intelligences collaboration between the DNCD and British police, so we’re pleased with this work," said the diplomat, who donated high-tech equipment to the agency.

Fisher handed to DNCD president Julio César Souffront video surveillance cameras with night infrared vision and fiber optic system, GPS to be installed in vehicles, among other modern instruments to combat drug trafficking and money laundering.

He said the DNCD’s effectiveness prompted London to designate a permanent liaison between the British Embassy and the Agency starting next June, headed by Col. Nick Fallach, "because we take the fight against drug trafficking in Dominican Republic very seriously," on its profound impact which ruins the lives of citizens, especially youngsters.

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