Local May 1, 2014 | 8:41 am

Russia willing to help region, Dominican Rep. fight drug trafficking

Managua. – The head of Russia’s federal antinarcotics agency reiterated in Managua Tuesday his country’s willingness to collaborate with Central America –including Dominican Republic- in training agents to fight drug trafficking, AFP reports.

Víctor Ivanov arrived in Managua to close the sixth antinarcotics session in which Russian instructors trained 29 police officers from Central America, Cuba, Ecuador and Dominican Republic.

"Russia is ready to continue working with these training courses in Central America and Nicaragua." said Ivanov, who noted that the drug problem "is global and has no borders."

Russia’s drug czar said his country has collaborated with Nicaragua by providing intelligence for operations he affirms have inflicted severe blows on drug trafficking, such as the capture of Nicaraguan Claudio Corea, aka Guachinango (red snapper).

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