Local May 2, 2014 | 7:32 am

Six Puerto Rico-bound Haitians drown near Dominican Republic coast

Santo Domingo.- Six Haitians drowned near Andres, Boca Chica (east) Thursday when a boat capsized with 24 other undocumented immigrants headed to Puerto Rico.

The Dominican Navy said four women and two men figure among the dead while other reports say 16 Haitian and two Dominicans were rescued.

The boat headed to Puerto Rico had reportedly been stolen from a hotel shortly before the trip.

The Navy said the search and rescue operation resumes today, while the bodies of the dead were taken to the Darío Contreras Hospital morgue in Santo Domingo East.

The Navy said it questions two people in connection with the mishap.

It said once alerted, the patrol boats Jupiter and Capella were sent to waters south of Boca Chica, from where beachgoers could observe the tragedy.

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