Local May 16, 2014 | 7:21 am

Dominican business groups back bill helps Haitian’s offspring

Santo Domingo.- Most of Dominican Republic’s major business association support the bill president Danilo Medina submitted to Congress Thursday, which aims to resolve the limbo created by the Constitutional Court ruling which affects the offspring of illegal aliens born in the country from 1929 until 2007.

Both the national business Council (Conep) and the Greater Santo Domingo industries grouped in the AEIH also hailed Medina’s initiative, which affects mostly Dominicans of Haitian descent.

Conep president Manuel Diez called the proposed legislation important for the country and urged lawmakers to expedite its passing, "so that we can solve this situation that has drawn national attention for months and move on to other important issues of national interest."

The head of the Conep said finding a humane solution to the people directly affected by the ruling is a priority, but respects its guidelines, as must all government authorities.

Diez said the country should maintain a “healthy balance” between its status as sovereign State and its position as an player on the global arena.

AEIH president Victor Castro praised the Government’s decision and that he expects the initiative will let the Administration recover its normal operational response to other pressing issues.

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