Local May 17, 2014 | 10:12 am

Santo Domingo ranks last on Cities in Motion Index

Santo Domingo.– Santo Domingo ranks last among 135 cities evaluated for transport and urban mobility, according to the annualCities in Motion Index (ICIM), a study published by the IESE Business School in Spain.

The annualCities in Motion Index (ICIM) ranks the world’s best("smartest") cities, those that have the highest levels ofinnovation, sustainability, and quality of life. Researchers studied135 cities across 55 countries, and based their results on over 50 indicatorsalong 10 different dimensions.

This year, Tokyo came in firstwith its impressive public management, technology, economy, and the ability toattract talent from all over the world. Santo Domingo ranked last, mostly due to low ratings in transportation, technology, human capital, and economy.

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