Local May 26, 2014 | 8:59 am

Dominican leader ‘endured pressures beyond reason’ over nationality bill

Santo Domingo. – Presidency legal adviser Cesar Pina on Sunday revealed that despite having endured pressures beyond reason as a result of the Constitutional Court ruling, president Danilo Medina was able to solve the impasse.

He said the Naturalization Act signed by Medina was the solution and in his view accepted by most of the population. “The President has always acted with prudence, firmness and serenity.”

Interviewed by Hector Herrera on Telesistema Channel 11, the official said since the ruling was handed down, Medina personally explained the steps being taken to heads of State, personalities, and representatives of international agencies to solve any problem that could arise,” but even so the pressures didn’t cease.”

"President Danilo Medina withstood so many pressures that for me were beyond what is reasonable and acceptable."

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