Local June 5, 2014 | 12:35 pm

Dominican Republic 9-1-1 attends 2,200+ emergencies in 96 hrs.

Santo Domingo.- The National Emergency Response System 9-1-1 has attended more than 2,200 emergencies from calls since inaugurated 96 hours ago, project spokesperson Zoraima Cuello affirmed Thursday.

The official said the System has received 84,404 calls in four days of operations, more than 21,000 per day, which in her view demonstrates a capable service staff.

Nonetheless the official cautioned the population to collaborate and raise awareness with friends, relatives and children over prank calls, which were 73 % of the total 61,505.

"Let’s remember that we’re putting at risk the lives of people who might be using the service and when it’s busy a call might not enter from someone who does in fact need it,” the official said in a National Palace press conference.

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