Local June 6, 2014 | 9:21 am

Politico slams the Justice Minister as ‘irresponsible’

Santo Domingo.- Minority party Al-Pais president Guillermo Moreno on Thursday said if the country had a responsible Prosecutor, a probe would’ve already been launched into allegations that deputies had sold purchase orders for appliances to hand out on Mother’s Day.

"For deputies to receive a purchase order, with an address and a beneficiary, andsell it and keep the funds or simply give it a different use, is simply stealing taxpayers’ money, punishable by law, and perpetrators have committed this are criminals," Moreno said in reference to the allegation by San Juan de la Maguana deputy David Herrera

"If the Justice Minister respected his obligation as head prosecutor, he’d already be on the trail of those deputies who received purchase orders for appliances and sold them for personal gain," Moreno said in a statement to elnuevodiario.com.do.

"We know, in fact, that the ‘little barrel’ and the ‘little chest’ is a legalized form of misappropriation of taxpayer money, but what deputy Herrera denounced overwhelms the imagination," Moreno said, in relation to the slush fund used by lawmakers at their discretion.

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