Local June 9, 2014 | 2:01 pm

Dominican Republic Evangelicals join Catholics in rebuke of U.S. Envoy’s gay push

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s biggest evangelical movement (CODUE) on Monday railed against the U.S. Embassy’s celebration of Gay Pride Month, activity it calls "unusual and incorrect" for a diplomatic delegation in a country.

CODUE president Fidel Lorenzo Meran invited sectors of Dominican society to speak out against “this imposition that is part of president Barack Obama’s agenda."

Lorenzo Merán said the Embassy failed to tell the truth, noting that in an official statement published before the diplomat’s arrival last year, it stated that Brewster would work exclusively on activities related to his office.

In a statement, the religious leader said since he arrived in the country Brewster has persisted on the topic of seeking to turn the minority of gays he represents into a social superstructure, " forcibly pushing Dominican society toward a tolerance of values that a large part of Dominicans disagree with."

The reverend invited society’s various sectors to protest against the alleged imposition of Obama’s global “sub-agenda,” that in his view Washington wants to erect in the country, because it is also violates Dominican Republic’s sovereignty and self-determination.

The CODUE leader joins the Catholic Church in criticizing Brewster’s efforts to engage the LGBT community and push for its rights.

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