Local June 9, 2014 | 3:42 pm

Greater Santo Domingo in water pinch as drought resurges

Santo Domingo.- Greater Santo Domingo’s water utility (CAASD) on Friday said the decrease in rainfall over the Haina river’s upper basin in the last few weeks has led to a reduced water supply to more than 30 sectors in and around the capital.

CAASD director Alejandro Montas said the water level at Valdesia dam continues low, which has lowered the aqueduct’s flow by 22.8 million gallons per day.

He said the "unusual situation" has hurt the service sectors spanning from Los Alcarrizos in the north to 30 de Mayo in the south.

The official said the scarcity affects the capital’s two main aqueducts, Haina-Manoguayabo and Isa Mana-Duey, for which the CAASD will increase the number of tanker trucks that supply free water to the various sectors.

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