Local June 9, 2014 | 10:47 am

High Court strikes down the country’s first major hacking case

Santo Domingo.- The Supreme Court Penal Chamber on Monday upheld the Appellate Court ruling to drop the criminal case against Jose A. Gomez Canaan (Jochi), accused of hacking into the server of Dominican Republic’s ruling party, PLD.

Justices Miriam Germán, Alejandro Moscoso, Esther Agelan and Hirohito Reyes ruled against the appeal which the PLD lawyer Blas Minaya had filed against the lower court’s decision to declare expired, the stature of limitation relating to high-tech crimes.

In its 9-page decision the high Court said the National District Appellate Court’s ruling handed down March 4 was neither arbitrary nor irrational and under proper enforcement of the law.

The country’s first major hacking case gained notoriety because Gomez Canaan is the son of journalist Guillermo Gómez, one of the PLD’s fiercest rivals.

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