Local June 13, 2014 | 10:23 am

Santo Domingo’s water supply ‘critical and worrisome: Utility

Santo Domingo.- Greater Santo Domingo Water Utility (CAASD) director Alejandro Montas on Thursday called the current low levels at Valdesia dam and the Haina, Isa-Mana and Duey rivers "critical and worrisome," which has led to around 70 million fewer gallons of water per day and has cut service to more than 30 sectors.

He said it’s a "huge problem" for the CAASD since the Valdesia dam has dropped to "alarming" levels, with 13.42 cubic meters of water less per second at its aqueduct, or 295.24 million gallons less than the same date last year, in less than two weeks.

Montas said measures are being taken so the population receives water from more tanker trucks, but cautioned that deliveries will be limited.

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