Local June 17, 2014 | 9:28 am

Few Haitians register to regularize status

Santo Domingo.- Contrary to the predicted onslaught of Haitian nationals who would register for the Plan to Regularize Foreigners that began 14 days ago, less than 100 have sought to legalize their status with the required documents.

Immigration Council president José Ramón Fadul provided the figure and called on Haiti’s authorities to provide more collaboration for its people, since 97% of foreigners who’ve applied to regularize their status are Haitians.

He said of the 31,000 people who’ve visited the offices across the country, only 5,900 had some kind of paper and the rest had to be turned away until they obtain what’s needed. "The Plan started off on the right foot and Dominican society and media support it, and they (illegal aliens) are understanding the process.”

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