Local June 18, 2014 | 8:08 am

Ex Dominican energy czar slams former president on ‘smear campaign’

Santo Domingo.- Former energy czar Radhames Segura on Wednesday blamed former president Leonel Fernandez and two of his predecessors for the contract with the ‘notorious’ power company, Cogentrix, which has meant losses in the tens of millions of dollars for the Dominican Republic.

He said Fernandez was responsible for his firing and replacement with mogul Celso Marranzini, who as former president of the Board of the State-owned Electric Utility (CDEEE) signed the contract with Cogentrix.

Segura also blamed Economy minister Temistocles Montas, the former CEO of the utility for entering into the contract that has been one of the former President’s most scandalous pacts. “They are part of a group whose incapacity and lack of knowledge led to my administration’s failure.”

“Marranzini should admit that he was the tip iceberg in the smear campaign against us, that campaign had a purpose, it was to ensure that the CDEEE wouldn’t go forward as long as I was there,” Segura said when asked about the damage to the CDEEE and the contract with the ‘notorious’ Cogentrix.

“President Leonel Fernandez is responsible for his (Marranzini’s) actions. Who would benefit from my stepping down?, Temistocles Montas and Marranzini and their relationship with Leoneol Fernandez,” said the also senior leader of the ruling PLD party.

When pressed to provide more names of alleged beneficiaries of the smear campaign, Segura said; “It can be concluded that Montas was the most benefited from his having to step down and replaced with Marranzini. He (Montas) knows he did it wrong.”

Cheaper plants

Segura, speaking on Hoy Mismo ColorVision, affirmed that during his tenure important projects were materialized in cheap energy, citing hydroelectric dams and the contract for the wind energy at Juancho, Pedernales (southwest).

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