Local June 23, 2014 | 3:49 pm

Dominicans prefer Espaillat 9 to 1: Upper Manhattan polls

New York.- Dominican-born New York State senator Adriano Espaillat, who on Tuesday faces incumbent congressman Charles Rangel for the 13th District seat, leads among Dominicans registered to vote with 90%, according to one-on-one polls in Upper Manhattan’s major arteries and on local TV and radio.

A show of support for Espaillat’s candidacy also took place Saturday afternoon when thousands of Dominicans accompanied him on a march-caravan which spanned around five miles, from 135th to 207th St. lasting more than four hours.

A recent survey by Siena College-NY1 News found the Dominican-born lawmaker had 53% of the support among Latinos of several nationalities, in a district whose population is 58% Hispanic, predominantly Dominican.

On Sunday Espaillat, who stomped accompanied by Municipal Council president, Puerto Rican councilwoman Melissa Mark Viverito toured West Harlem streets, Rangel’s former electoral bastion, again received support from the area’s voters in that part of the 13th District.

Calls for freeze on rents

Espaillat called on the Rental Regulatory Board (RGB) to freeze rents to protect tenants from the constant jumps in housing, which he affirms has affected their standard of living and has displaced many minority neighborhoods.

"Affordable housing is quickly disappearing each year in the neighborhoods of Upper Manhattan and the Bronx. Tenants deserve a rent freeze to protect them from these increased costs," Espaillat said.

“The RGB has a great opportunity to help low income families facing difficulties to pay their home rental and care for their children. A third of New Yorkers spend half of their income on housing and this rental charge is unacceptable and unfair."

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