Local June 23, 2014 | 12:34 pm

Nationalist deputy adds road to proposed wall at Haiti border

Santo Domingo.- Nationalist party (FNP) deputy Vinicio Castillo on Monday again called his proposed road and wall at the Haiti border a national cry because in his view Dominicans want urgent measures to control and develop the region and stop the current “open invasion of illegal aliens.”

"I respect our friend cardinal (Nicolas de Jesus) López Rodríguez’s opinion but we believe that our demand to defend our border and build a wall in our territory, as they (Haiti government) did recently, you cannot see it as an element of conflict or as throwing more wood on the fire, but as our country’s sovereign decision to put order to the disorder that has existed in our border with Haiti."

"Like cardinal López Rodríguez we support the National Regularization Plan which the Government carries out to find a fair and legal way out for those who are here; but it wouldn’t be worth doing if we don’t take measures to stop new waves of illegal immigrants from Haiti, already are being encouraged as a State policy in important sectors of Haiti’s elite," the lawmaker said.

"What I’ve raised is the logical thing which any country does to defend its integrity and its sovereignty. No one regulates with open doors with the neighbor. Doing it that way means to invite Haiti to move into the Dominican Republic. And the people are perceived that. That’s the reason the support for our proposal hovers at more than 85% of the population and has become a national outcry," Castillo said.

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