Local June 24, 2014 | 11:23 am

High voter turnout could catapult the first Dominican to Capitol Hill

New York.- Both House of Representatives District 13 candidates, the Board of Elections, pundits as well as local observers expect a a strong turnout of Latinos registered to vote in today’s Democratic Party primary.

The latest polls could spell victory for the Dominican-born NY State senator Adriano Espaillat and become the first Dominican in the U.S. Congress, against veteran representative Charles Rangel, 84, during which he has held the seat for 43 years.

The expectation comes in the aftermath of a campaign charged with accusations from both sides, as Rangel’s racist comment against Espaillat was matched by some Dominican groups who object their countryman.

In the second of three debates Rangel asked "what in hell has Espaillat done aside from saying he’s Dominican?," prompting the Dominican leadership’s response of embracing Espaillat’s candidacy.

Former presidents Leonel Fernández and Hipolito Mejía as well as other senior leaders of the country’s main political parties have also voiced support for Espaillat.

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