Local June 24, 2014 | 1:02 pm

Loma Miranda campers warn lawmakers of drawn out protests

Bonao, Dominican Republic.- The group of around 50 people who’ve erected a campsite near the village Los Algarrobos to demand the creation of Loma Miranda National Park have staged their protest for 17 days.

They said Tuesday that the campsite started June 8 aims to raise awareness among deputies, senators and the Government to declare the protected area, while the lower Chamber prepares to analyze the changes by the Senate.

The group, which occupies part of the parking used for vehicles with people who visit the ‘Acapulco’ swimming hole, just a few meters away, said the campers decided to set up at the foot of Miranda where they’ll remain "until the bill converts the strip of the Central Mountains into a national park.”

The group says 90 percent of the citizens support their demand and warn that the authorities seek "to play tennis with bill, so the ball is now in the Deputies’ Court."

The protesters, who warn against procrastination by the Deputies if they fail to expedite the process and approve the bill, vow "more actions across the country.”

The deputies will again receive the controversial bill wouold create Loma Miranda National Park, this time with the Senate’s amendments.

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