Local June 26, 2014 | 3:42 pm

Lawlessness is the mother of invention

Santo Domingo.- Likely the combination of the lawlessness in traffic and the astronomical number of motorcycles in the Dominican Republic prompted the Metropolitan Transit Authority (AMET) to come up with an innovative yet simple away to cart some of the off to the impound yards.

AMET on Thursday unveiled new way to retain numerous motorcycles at once without the inconvenience of having to lift them physically onto tow trucks, with a low-slung trailer allowing cops to just roll them on when motorists are caught without license plates or for failing to produce a registration.

In a statement AMET said its agents had already hauled off several hundred motorbikes to impound yards in Greater Santo Domingo on the first day the trailers were put to work.

"These platforms pulled to impound yards by small tractors and pickup trucks are part of the equipment bought in recent months to modernize AMET’ vehicle flotilla."

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