Local June 30, 2014 | 12:20 pm

Contract killing reveals Dominican Republic’s deteriorated ruling party

Santo Domingo.- A chilling contract-killing in eastern Monte Plata province on Wednesday reveals the deterioration of Dominican Republic’s ruling PLD party, founded by essayist, novelist, storyteller, historian, educator and politician, Juan Bosch, born 105 years ago today.

National Police chief Manuel Castro said both the alleged killer and the victim belong to the PLD, and suspects that a dispute over alleged acts of corruption in Bayaguana township as the motive for the underworld style execution.

Bayaguana mayor Nelson Osvaldo Sosa (Opi) surrendered to police and charged with the planning and hiring hit men to kill Renato de Jesus Castillo, a member of the City Council who had lodged complaints against his alleged agressor..

Several witnesses quoted by eldia.com.do said they saw Sosa and Castillo argue pistol-in-hand in at least one occasion.

Bosch’s legacy

The former president, accused of plotting against the Trujillo regime and incarcerated, went into exile in 1937 shortly after his release.

He founded the country’s major opposition party (PRD) in Cuba in 1939, and the PLD in Santo Domingo in 1973.

He was known for an unwavering commitment to honesty and democracy, which many blame for his ouster in a military coup just seven months after taking office in February 1963.

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