Local July 4, 2014 | 9:57 am

Greater Santo Domingo must brace for ‘alarming drought’

Santo Domingo.- The head of Greater Santo Domingo’s water utility (CAASD) warned Thursday that the dams that feed its aqueducts are at their lowest operating levels, for which control measures have been in effect Wednesday since the Valdesia hydroelectric has only a 28-day supply.

Alejandro Montas said he has notified the various water management agencies to make more efficient use of water for the population and announced that to the amount of water for irrigation was cut back, which in turn will hurt agriculture.

Quoted by eldia.com.do, the official said the Jiguey-Aguacate hydroelectric complex suspended energy generation Thursday, since its reservoirs didn’t have enough water to operate the turbines. “The drought has become alarming.”

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