Local July 4, 2014 | 8:29 am

The SIP backs Dominican Republic newspapers in slander issue

Miami.- The Inter American Press Society (SIP) on Thursday expressed solidarity with the request by several Dominican Republic newspapers to declare unconstitutional the rules which criminalize defamation in the Penal Code, and in their view undermine freedom of the press.

Newspapers El Dia, Listin Diario, Diario Libre, El Nacional, Hoy, El Nuevo Diario and El Caribe on Thursday published a petition asking the Constitutional Court to strike, “within a reasonable period," 11 articles Freedom of Expression and Dissemination of Thought Law 6132 and five of the Penal Code, which they affirm are incompatible with the Constitution and the American Convention on Human Rights.

The newspapers challenge the articles that stipulate "a system of criminal prosecution of deprivation of liberty" for crimes of thought, making them unjust and beyond Constitutionally guaranteed principles.

They also called to strike Law 6132’s “cascading effect,” which makes an outlet director the main responsible under an indictment for defamation or libel.

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