Local July 5, 2014 | 10:18 am

Genao denounces logging in Constanza and Jarabacoa

Santo Domingo.– The spokesman for the bloc of deputies of the Social Reformist Party (PRSC), Ramon Rogelio Genao, yesterday denounced the indiscriminate felling of trees in Constanza and Jarabacoa, La Vega, so he asked the government to immediately suspend the permits of cutting natural forests in the Cordillera Central.

During a press conference Genao criticized that everyday dozens of trucks with pine logs are transported to sawmills to convert wood and produce millions of dollars "before the indifference of the authorities."

"What is happening in the Cordillera Central is an unforgivable crime against the environment, for it includes the use of chemicals to dry and sick the trees, then cut them down and, what is worse, to cause arsons, in order to subsequently obtain permits to use burned trees," Genao said.

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