Local July 8, 2014 | 10:24 am

Plea bargaining in Colombian brothers drug trafficking case

Santo Domingo.- At 4pm Tuesday the National District 1st Panel Court is expected read a plea bargaining agreement between the Justice Ministry’s Anti-Money Laundering Office and prosecutor Yeni Berenice Reynoso, in a hearing for 19 of 24 alleged members of a money laundering and drug trafficking network headed by Colombian brothers Angel María Buitrago and Huber Oswaldo Buitrago.

The Buitragos however, have yet to sign the agreement submitted to the National District 2nd Instruction Court by the Office of the National District of Prosecutor.

The 19 defendants pleaded guilty and will forego a protracted criminal proceeding in exchange for prison sentences no higher than five years.

The defendants are the foreigners Ginaliz Quintero Flores, Pedro Julio Cárdenas, Marcos Tulio Vivas, Clara Maritza Jaimes, Mónica Carolina Jaimes, César Braudillo Escalante, Javier Carrillo, Diana Milena Alfonso, Werner Eyud Ruiz, Ronald Yesid Mora Buitrago, Jonathan Arenas Peña, Diego María Guzmán (Mara and Maradona) the Dominican Pedro de Jesús.

Also Raymundo Antonio Peña, Antonio José Contreras, Marcos Alberto Cepeda, Esneider Chaparro González, Lucas Leiva Hernández, Diana Milena Alfonso and Wilder Bonilla Delgado.

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