Local July 15, 2014 | 12:27 pm

Capital wage hike scandal: Deputies ‘call the kettle black’

Santo Domingo.- ‘Calling the kettle black,’ deputies of Dominican Republic’s two biggest political parties (PRD, PLD) on Tuesday criticized the wage increase, some higher than RD$90,000, for the capital’s Mayor and Council members.

Hugo Núñez of the PRD and Gustavo Sánchez of the PRD called the wage hike "a mockery to the capital’s residents."

Nunez said the country can’t withstand another wage increase for government officials, calling it unconstitutional, because it forbids legislating to benefit one’s own interest. "The measure is unreasonable and an abuse to increase 500 pesos to city workers while the mayor will get 90,000 pesos and the council members 55,000."

For Sánchez said, the Public Administration Ministry has to intervene, "because this action can lead to disorder in all of the nation’s city councils."

Lawmakers’ pork barrel

The scandal comes in the wake of months-long criticism of the deputies and senators, who are provided with a monthly slush fund as high as RD$90,000, known as the ‘barrilito’ (little barrel) and the ‘cofrecito’ (little chest).

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