Local July 16, 2014 | 12:21 pm

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Ban: Dominican Republic, Haiti must help ‘Hispaniola’s children’

Santo Domingo.- UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday called on Dominican Republic and Haiti to work for “Hispaniola’s children,” during a speech to deputies and senators.

Ban said people should live with dignity and warned against “denying a nationality to thousands of people.”

Speaking before a joint session of Congress, Ban also lauded the lawmakers for approving Naturalization Law 169-14 and for supporting initiatives such as the allocation of 4% of GDP for education.

The world’s top diplomat also praised Dominican Republic’s “spirit of solidarity with Haiti,” citing Santo Domingo’s response to the 2010 quake that leveled Port-au-Prince.

He also cited the country’s achievements such as the Goals of the Millennium as well as in sport, literature and art.

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