Local July 18, 2014 | 1:25 pm

Top official admits ‘spider’s web’ of red tape in government agencies

Santo Domingo.- "A sort of spider’s web" is how the Public Administration Minister describes the hurdles to resolve any of the frequent problems in a government agency, a "situation that not only exhausts citizens physically, but also tests their patience."

Ramón Ventura said the experience in other Latin American countries where the red tape has been reduced, is that government services have notably improved, “and that’s where the Dominican Republic is forced to go.”

He said, that so many procedures to resolve in any , it bothers citizens who seek to receive better services in public institutions, Central Government, councils or other agencies.

Ventura, speaking in a seminar with experts from Spain, Peru and Mexico hosted by his Dept., said president Danilo Medina’s Administration supports the efforts to improve the public administration process.

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